Monday, August 3, 2009

Too Old

Many people have recently commented to me that adopting at "my age" must not be easy. My typical response , in my nicest tone, is "God doesn't call us to easy, He calls us to obedience." 

 Are there days I am frustrated, tired, exhausted, and at my wits end?  YES. Are these same days filled with laughter, fun, and pure silliness? YES. Would I trade my life for a luxurious vacation, a clean house, and a shirt without food on the shoulder ? No way! I am humbled in the fact He called me to this journey and grateful I was willing to step out to His call or I would have missed out on an incredible blessing of parenting "at my age"!

Don't miss a blessing He is calling you to because you feel too old (or too young)! Just be willing!


Friday, March 6, 2009


We arrived home safe and sleepy. We made it home to Texas after about 20 hours of traveling.  The sight of some close friends and family at the airport was a special gift and refreshed me after a LOOOONG day of travel.  Jaden happily explored her home toys and loved the outdoors. After some unpacking, we are heading to bed. I am hoping to get a good night sleep on my soft bed. The girls are already asleep at 9:30 and I will be not much later.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Almost Home

It is with a mix of emotions as I prepare to leave the birth country of 2 of my daughters.  I have made new friends who share a common bond of adopting a child from China.  I have also had the privilege of having 2 of the kindest, sweetest guides/friends-Rosa and Maggie.  They have shared their knowledge of their homeland and given me insight to the country where Alli and Jaden were born. I am not sure when I will get to return but I will forever have this country and its people etched in my memory.
We will leave Guangzhou at 6:00 am and depart for Hong Kong, catch a connecting flight to San francisco (12 hours!!!!! with 2 toddlers),  SF onto DFW with our scheduled arrival at4 pm on Fri on United flight 0478.
Good Bye China! Here we come USA!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Blog Award

Before any of you doubt the title, read on! I have awarded myself the "worst blog poster while in China on their adoption journey" award.  I personally LOVE following along while families are in China and seeing the experiences of the amazing adoption of each special child formed for their specific family by our Almighty Creator. With that said, my intentions were to have a daily post for a glimpse into our experience but the schedule and the adjustment of Jaden have left me exhausted by the end of the day.

I hope this post (and mostly pictures) will redeem me a bit.  If not, please check out Angela's blog at  Angela and Scott are a sweet family who are in our group.  She is a much better blogger and has kept up with our activities. 

We have been able to see and experience so much of the beautiful country and people of China.  It has been a great experience to learn about 2 of my girls birth country and to bond with other families who are adopting their children. I miss the rest of my family and friends but I know God has placed China and its people forever on my heart.

Monday, February 23, 2009


Just pictures!!!

We Have Jaden QiYin

We arrived in Guangzhou about 11:00 and went to our hotel to prepare for "the meeting".  We met Jaden at 3:00 and she is beautiful, perfect and asleep. She cried on and off for three hours grieving the changes and trying to process in her little head all that is going on. Alli Rui is already a phenomenal big sister.  She has comforted and played and talked with Jaden. Clint is already spoiling her and is loving his newest sibling.
We have yet to see much of Jaden's personality but we already love her sweet face even though we have yet to see a real smile. My heart and mind are so full butI am so tired. I will post more later, I just wanted you all to know we are safely in our hotel for the night with her.

*sorry Jana and Candy-MeiYin beat out LiYin 
*another left handed thumb sucker:)
*no camera chord yet but it is on high priority list for tomorrow

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Beijing in a Day

Well, it felt like we have seen and walked the entire city of Beijing in a day. Today we did some of the typical tourist spots of Beijing.  We went to Tiannenmen Square, The Forbidden City,  A Pearl Factory, the Summer Palace and the Bird's Nest.  Beijing is an old city with a deep history and beautiful architecture. Our guides, Maggie and Rosa, (who are just so sweet) are systematically trying to put us into physical exhaustion to reset our time clocks. It's working!  8 p.m. (that would be 6 a.m. Texas time:) and I am ready to head to bed. 

*Pictures to come later. No cord packed to download  to computer but I promise it will be resolved before Jaden gets here!!!!